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Vapor honing is a process that combines a typical soda-type blaster with pressurized water. This configuration efficiently removes corrosion, rust, carbon, oil buildup, dirt, and any unwanted imperfections on the product surface. The water provides the surface with sufficient lubricant to prevent the blast media from eroding material. The water also cushions the media, making it last longer then conventional dry media blasters. The hydro blast doesn't use any chemicals whatsoever. Being a self contained system means that the media is recycled and reused within the tank. Products that undergo this process become ridiculously clean, and leaves a finish you only find from the factory.

Our vapor honing service is not limited to motorcycle engines, but is applicable to most cast materials such as automotive restoration, diesel engine rebuilding, and performance engine building and more.

We offer quick shipping or local drop off/pick up and a very fast turn around time on our service. Only 1-3 business days for most applications.

Please contact us for more information!

Vapor Honed cases Before and after

Pictured above are motorcycle cases. Before and after vapor honing.

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